Meritz Office Building

Busan, Korea

Square Feet: 350,000

 Located at a unique intersection near the port of Busan, this tower will be the dominant building in a newly developing region. Deriving its form from the shape of the property which, in turn, is created by being at the apex of the diagonal intersection of two primary streets, and located adjacent to a memorial park, this tower will emerge from the mature trees of the park as a sentinel object in the city.

The design of the tower maximizes the orientation towards the ocean and beachfront views. It is a building with a clear and distinct top that can be identified from the distant viewpoints around the city, as well as a sleek and modern composition of the primary curtainwall that is also a state of the art energy saving concept. Not unlike the ruffl ed feathers of a bird in cold weather, this wall will “store” air warmed by the sun in a series of mini greenhouses and be available for the air system to use as pre-heated warmth in the cold temperatures. It also can function to reduce the heat gain in the warmer temperatures by directly exhausting the heat build up at the exterior before it reaches the inside. The base of the building features a rich interplay of form, materials, solids and transparency all of which is arrayed in a continuity of landscape and pedestrian walkways that extend the neighboring park into the plaza of the building.

Its typical floor plates are both column free and extraordinary in their efficiency for office layout. The penthouse floors can be confi gured for special uses or functions, and below the lobby level is a gathering space that will serve as a wedding chapel. The wedding chapel has its own motor court and lobby adjacent to the park.

The general architectural character of the building seeks to represent the professionalism of the Meritz Securities Business and its affi liated tenants while providing its employees a rich environment and a effi cient and satisfying work place. The tower will be a statement to the city of Busan representing the 21st Century in form, materials and energy consumption.